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5 Scenarios that Make NetSuite ERP the Right Business Solution

A cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can be an incredibly powerful tool for successful businesses. A recent survey found that 88% of companies considered their ERP implementations a success.

A modern ERP solution is especially beneficial for businesses that are managing their finances with NetSuite and sales with Salesforce. That’s why we’d like to highlight five scenarios that make NetSuite ERP the right business solution.

Businesses using an outdated ERP

Some businesses may already be using an ERP system; however, it may not be of much use if it is outdated. Older systems may not be equipped to handle modern business needs like hybrid work environments and organizations that offer both products and services to customers. NetSuite ERP offers a substantive upgrade for outdated systems.

If businesses are ready to upgrade to a modern integration between NetSuite and Salesforce, they can use Salesforce AppExchange to install and configure Breadwinner for NetSuite — oftentimes they can get it wrapped up in less than a day.

Omnichannel focused organizations

In today’s modern business landscape, customers use various channels – social media, mobile devices, eCommerce, and more to engage with businesses. Organizations looking to tap into these channels can leverage NetSuite and Salesforce integration to help identify and track their customers on any of these channels. In addition, NetSuite ERP allows these organizations to see all these records in a single location.

Businesses juggling too many manual processes

Carrying out manual finance processes takes considerable time and costs businesses money that results in low productivity. NetSuite ERP automates manual processes to alleviate these pain points. Teams can automate reports, data analysis, and more. This saves time and allows decision-makers to get the information they need faster, leading to more revenue.

Organizations looking to modernize their IT strategy

Unfortunately, many organizations are faced with managing highly complex and inflexible legacy IT. When they are looking to modernize their IT processes, they should also consider the solutions they are using for their finance and sales data. If they are already using NetSuite and Salesforce, integrating these two solutions makes sense.

It not only aligns with a modern IT strategy, but it opens the door for them to take advantage of NetSuite ERP. NetSuite ERP can be implemented quickly and integrates with Salesforce to give them better flexibility with their sales and financial data.

Organizational struggles with data inaccuracy

Financial data is business-critical, so it can be frustrating for a business to struggle frequently with errors and data accuracy. These issues make it almost impossible for stakeholders and employees to make informed decisions. This is a scenario where NetSuite ERP can make all the difference. It gives everyone access to updated, accurate data in real-time.

This empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions faster. They can also use automation that comes with NetSuite ERP and Salesforce integration to ensure that data is accurate between both systems.