MYOB Compliance Update V19

By September 21, 2020MYOB

MYOB has released the MYOB Compliance Update to reflect changes that have occurred in rates of PAYG Withholding for employees for the 2012/13 Financial year. For some reason this year there are two available for the old version of the software, Version 19. This article specifically refers to AccountRight Plus V19 and not AccountRight 2011, the newer version.

Instructions – MYOB Compliance Update

As per normal MYOB has released PDF instructions depending on your circumstances, feel free to download them and print them out here: MYOB AccountRight Plus Installations Instructions (6).

Step 1

To check your version of AccountRight
  1. Open AccountRight.
  2. Go to the Help menu and choose About. Your software version is shown in the
    window that appears.
Their are THREE different Versions of AccountRight v19
  1. V19.0.x
  2. V19.5.x
  3. V19.6.x

The latest version is AccountRight Plus V19.7.0

Step 2

If you have V19.6 Installed

If you have V19.6 you are able to use the inbuilt software manager feature in your AccountRight Plus software to downlaod and install the compliance update which will give you the updated tax tables for the 2012/13 Payroll year.


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