Who wants to pay for myob tax tables?

2015/16 Tax Tables are now available.

The FGH Website has been updated with the new tax tables that apply during the period 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.

On 1 July 2015 the tax free threshold increases from $18,200 to $19,400 – announced in the Budget a few years ago. There are also changes to the HELP/TLS/HECS repayment thresholds as well as changes to where the Medicare Levy starts for those on low incomes.

Updated tax tables that reflect all these changes are now available from the FGH Website. As in previous year’s, our tax tables for MYOB® are installed using our Tax Table Updater which can be downloaded from our Downloads page. The Updater requires, no installation, will run off your HDD, a USB or even remotely. Unlike last year’s version, you no longer need Administrator level access to run this program. There is a video on their website covering the entire process as well as detailed online help.

MYOB Tax Tables

Not for those who have upgraded to AR2011

For those that have unfortunately upgraded to to AccountRight 2011 then these tax table upgrades won’t work with your software. If you want to read some more feel free http://www.fghtables.com/and click on the blue text to the right.

How many people are getting sick and tired of paying MYOB every year for a MYOB tax table update, $500 for a something as little as a 2 dollar change to the ATO tax tables. Well if thats you we have a treat in stall for you. A web site I only discovered a few days ago as we speak www.fghtables.com which has no telephone number and purports to have been operating since 2008 is selling MYOB tax tables separately for $35 or there abouts. This is completely feasible as all you have to do is update a tiny portion of the software where the tax tables reside.

Is it feasible to get cheap MYOB Tax Tables?

Well Yes! I have known for awhile that you could grab a copy of your mates MYOB tax table update and apply it to your software thus thereby granting yourself a free copy of the tax tables and you would still be able to confirm your datafile even though you have changed the minor number of your software which the serial number belongs to, but at $58 bucks a pop why bother owe the favour.

End of Financial Year

For AccountRight® we have new tax tables for versions up to and including 19.8.
For AccountEdge® we have new tax tables for versions up to and including Pro.
For QuickBooks® we have new tax tables for versions up to and including QB2011-2012.
Contrary to what MYOB support staff have been telling callers, our tax tables will work with v19.7 and v19.8

All AccountRight® tax tables are installed using our new Tax Table Updater. You no longer need to specify your version when purchasing as the Updater works for all products (Plus® , Premier® and Enterprise®) and all versions up to and including v19.8.

Price has been set at $65 plus GST.

Tax Tables for MYOB® – http://www.fghtables.com/MYOB/index.php
Tax Tables for QuickBooks® – http://www.fghtables.com/QBooks/index.php

About Benn Franzmann

I am a qualified Accountant specializing in the setup and training of various forms of accounting software. I work for a number of different clients and also facilitate MYOB training at Melbourne CAE


  1. Great Site, Thanks! Keep up the great work.

  2. I think what you say above is exactly what I’m looking for. I had MYOB cover up until 31 July 2012 when I cancelled it. I had already downloaded the compliance update on to my computer. After trying to contact them when I really needed help – and getting a sorry too busy to take your call message – I decided the cover wasn’t worth the money. Unfortunately I now have a new laptop that I need to get the current tax tables onto – from my old one. I only have the V19 disc so kind of screwed at the moment. It sounds as though I should be able to copy one of the existing files that relates to the tax tables and then they should update on the new laptop? Is that correct, and do you know how I go about it? Thanks!

    • Hi Leah,

      Because you had a cover plan up until the 31 July 2012 you would have been eligible for the compliance update. Install your old version of the software on your laptop. Use the Software Manager within your AccountRight (Help->Updates) software to obtain the compliance update. For AccountRight v19 users who are experiencing technical issues installing the AccountRight v19.7 compliance update using the Software Manager, see this support note.

      Hope that helps


  3. Ben I was really excited to read your suggestion however it didn’t work 🙁 The software manager that presents when I open it only contains old updates and will not allow any new updates – as expected. The details have to be in the software of my old computer – it’s just getting them over to the new one that is the challenge???

    • Hi Leah,

      Sounds like you have V19.0 or V19.5 installed. You will have to uninstall it and install AccountRightPlus V19 Full install. Have a look at this post, hopefully it will shed some light on your situation.

      Cheers Benn

  4. kitacooch says:

    Thank Benn, yes you are right, the new computer has V19 installed. I read your post above – is that correct that the link you provide is for V17 or do you mean V19.7? And if so, how does that work? What cost is involved and is it a permanent solution? Thanks again!

    • Hi Kitacooch,

      Sorry about the typo have fixed up now. If you have V19.0.x installed and you are eligible for the compliance update because you had a cover plan the cost is nothing. If you were not on cover at June 30th your best option is go with the FGH option, or else pay for cover ($700) which automatically gives you the compliance update. To download MYOB AccountRigh19.7 Full install which can be downloaded from here MYOB Compliance Update. Hope that solves the problem.

  5. So, just confirming that these are australian tax tables? and Safe to use? Cause it is the answer to my(ob) prayers.

  6. Hey Benn after being out of the workforce for a while i now find i need skills in myob we touched on it when i was doing my business admin course but have lost the knowledge. What program do you recommend for relearning how to do Myob ?

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