MYOB LiveAccounts

MYOB LiveAccounts is easy to use online accounting software for sole traders, startups and smaller business. Running a small business can be hard work so we’ve kept the accounting easy for you with MYOB LiveAccounts. Designed for smaller businesses with straightforward needs, LiveAccounts is the online accounting solution that’s ideal for anyone wanting to get their business finances under control without the hassle. Using LiveAccounts you can raise invoices, track expenses, pay employees and manage your GST, all online.


Who is MYOB LiveAccounts for?

  • Designed for sole traders, smaller businesses or those just starting out.
  • MYOB LiveAccounts makes it super simple to raise invoices, track expenses, pay employees, and manage your GST online.
  • It’s really easy to use so you can get your accounts done as quickly as possible.
  • There’s no locked in contract – $25 month.

If you are still confused regarding the merits of LiveAccounts for your business, please read the following PDF: Who is MYOB Live Accounts for? (578). Feel free to use the contact form below to get further information.

Access wherever and whenever

With MYOB LiveAccounts you can manage your business from anywhere you can access the internet. This means you can run your business away from the office, interstate or overseas.

Built in Payroll

MYOB LiveAccounts makes pay day simple and stress-free. We’ve kept the pay run process simple but LiveAccounts has the smarts to calculate the income tax and superannuation contributions for your employees. LiveAccounts can factor in any pre or post tax additions and deductions like bonuses and child support too.

Keeping it Simple

We don’t need to tell you that running a business can be hard work. MYOB LiveAccounts helps by keeping the accounting simple, so you can focus on the big stuff. On a Mac or PC, it’s easy to use, includes heaps of support and you can forget installs, updates or backups – we take care of all that.

Always up to date

MYOB LiveAccounts keeps you across key information about your business. It’s always up-to-date so you can clearly see how your business is going at any time. You can see your business bank balances, who owes you money, your top business expenses and an estimate of the GST you currently owe.

Saving time & money

No one wants to waste hours doing the books. With MYOB LiveAccounts you can link your business bank accounts or credit cards to your accounts file. This means all your transactions like payments you make or payments you receive are automatically transferred into MYOB LiveAccounts for you. What a time saver!

Safe & Secure

We know how important your business data is which is why we use best practice standards to ensure your information is highly protected and backed up.

Ease of Use

Forget swapping files and synchronising data with your accountant, bookkeeper or advisor. Being online, MYOB LiveAccounts lets you work together on the same facts and figures – so everyone’s on the same page.