MYOB Networking Guide

Ngarluma wrote on the MYOB communities page about certain issues she was having with the MYOB Networking Guide: Has anyone had the following message? a network error (18:1380:0:0) has occurred. Unable to sebd nessages to Lisa. The user may have signed out improperly, there may be a problem with your network connection. No more meesgaes will be sent for the remainder of ths session. This message appears whenever anyone else logs into the … [Read more...]

MYOB Release’s SP 1

This service pack update is for users of AccountRight Basics, AccountRight Standard and AccountRight Plus 2011.1. It resolves a number of issues that have been reported by clients, and includes the additional reports scheduled for delivery. For more information on the reports supplied in this update, see this support note. … [Read more...]

Upgrading from MYOB AccountRight Plus to MYOB AccountRight

Geoff wrote on the MYOB Communities page: I have a client who has bought MYOB AccountRight Plus Vs 19.6 but now she wishes she had purchased MYOB AccountRight Premier as she wants to use the program on a network. How easy is it to upgrade? I assume I would load the MYOB AccountRight Premier on her server, and her staff would access the server from their computers? Geoff MIPA MYOB Certified Consultant BAS Service Provider, Servicing … [Read more...]

MYOB v15 – Company File Code for new-old file

Jennifer wrote: I have been happily been using MYOB v15 for years. Two years ago my main company file came up with a number of errors on verification. I didn't correct it through back up, and it continued to work until now. Result is that I have had to re-create the file - I wish now to 'confirm it' rather than 'activiate' this 'new' but recreated file. How can I do it as I don't have assess to the Company File Code? Please can you … [Read more...]

MYOB Premier Version 12 –regarding how to open the back up data for previous financial year. new To MYOB

Hello Our company used Version11 in 2010. We are using version12 now. My question is how to open the back up data for 2010( because we need to look at the customers' payment history in 2010 and it is not showing in the current version after the customer had paid off all their invoices) ? It is zip file. Is it ok for me to unzip the file and open it with the current version 12? Thank you .Please show me step by step. Hi Lilly, You have … [Read more...]

Entering account balance

Hi, I need help!, When I try to enter a docket into an account. For example a fuel docket i get an error message that reads, " Error beginning balances from a previous financial year may not be changed for P&L accounts. I have set the the fanancial year 2011-2012. I would be gratefull to anyone who can help. Roderick Hi Roderick, If you are referring to this message: According to your post you will only be able … [Read more...]