MYOB Compliance Update V19

MYOB has released the MYOB Compliance Update to reflect changes that have occurred in rates of PAYG Withholding for employees for the 2012/13 Financial year. For some reason this year there are two available for the old version of the software, Version 19. This article specifically refers to AccountRight Plus V19 and not AccountRight 2011, the newer version. Instructions - MYOB Compliance Update As per normal MYOB has released PDF instructions … [Read more...]

PAYG payment summary mistakes

You cannot simply change the information on a PAYG payment summary after you have given it to the payee or provided your PAYG withholding payment summary annual report to us. How to correct mistakes on your PAYG Payment Summary If you find that you have made a mistake with your PAYG Payment Summary using MYOB and wish to correct this mistake you will not be able to use your MYOB software to do this. It will have to be done manually using … [Read more...]

PAYG Rounding Issues

Hi there, I have recently tried to reconcile by liability account 'PAYG Withholding' and it is out by a small amount. After reviewing my Payroll Register Summary I can see that the Taxes are showing cents yet when I report on BAS it is rounded to a whole dollar. I'm guessing that this is the reason why I am out. I'm currently out by $1.68 which is probably an accumulation of the four Bas payments over the year. Any suggestions on how … [Read more...]

New Employee starts mid pay cycle

Hi I'm very new to MYOB and to these community boards too. I have a question. Our pay week runs Mon to Fri. I have a new employee (salary) who started on a Wednesday. I have put his start date in correctly but his fortnightly salary has been calculated for the entire fortnight and I can't figure out how to change it to a part payment. We have MYOB Accpunt Right Plus v19. Thank you and I hope I am using the community correctly! [Mon … [Read more...]