Which Accounting Software will allow me to Email a Remittance Advice to my Supplier?

Update Xero is happy to finally deliver one of our most requested new features. You can now email remittance advices to suppliers through Xero. You’ll find this particularly useful if you’re covering lots of invoices with a single payment. A remittance advice includes current payments, previous payments and any credit notes or prepayments that have been applied, so your suppliers know the details behind each invoice payment. Find out more … [Read more...]

What is Xero?

Xero (NZX: XRO ) is an online accounting software product for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for personal finance. The product is sold by subscription (a distribution model commonly known as Software as a Service or SaaS) requiring the payment of a monthly fee. This charge is proportionate to the number (and type) of company entities managed by the subscriber. Source: Wikipedia Is Xero for me? If you are not sure whether … [Read more...]

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is the worlds fastest growing Invoicing Software. It is web based and requires no software installation at all, the only configuration settings you see or will have to tweak at first instance will be the uploading of your customised logo and chosing between two different invoice layouts, some other minor data entry input and that's it, away you go. The way I describe it is Hotmail/Facebook for Accounting applications. Freshbooks is … [Read more...]

MYOB Feature Release 2011

Has anyone sighted the MYOB 2011 feature release. Normally released in the month of September and now we are heading into November something is up. If the beta testing notes are anything to go on we could be in for an interesting ride. If you would like to download the PDF of the Beta testing changes feel free to download it here MYOB Software Release 2011 Beta … [Read more...]

Zoho Books

What is Zoho Zoho Books is an American Variant of the Online Accounting Software. A historical profile of the company can be found here. Basically Zoho has been around for about 13 years and is now breaking out into on-line business, productivity and collaboration applications. Zoho itself because of its international flavour has no support for GST/VAT tax codes so must be setup manually and currently no support for importing qif/ofc or csv … [Read more...]