MYOB Service Pack 2.1

MYOB Service Pack 2.1 has been released by MYOB which is supposed to rectify issues surrounding poor performance of the program. This was the release that was put on hold because it caused problems with customised forms. … [Read more...]

MYOB 2011 Release

Have just discovered that the program appears to be crashing (Huxley Errors) if you attempt to change tax codes in a transaction that has already been recorded. Mind you its fine if their is only one line allocation accounts, but when you attempt to change a transaction with multiple allocation lines it brings about the error. Also I noticed to day that the Category Reports don't seem to work as you would expect and you are unable to filter on … [Read more...]

New MYOB 2011 Release

With the recent release of MYOB 2011 and the shift away from the old technology to the newer SQL/Net framework I have decided to keep a running journal of all related issues people are having with the new software. If you want to see a listing of these post simply click here myob-2011-1. … [Read more...]