How is Superannuation Calculated? On Ordinary Time Earnings.

Ordinary Time Earnings Ordinary time earnings are generally what your employees earn for their ordinary hours of work, including: over-award payments commissions shift-loading allowances bonuses Overtime payments Payments for work performed outside an employee's ordinary hours of work are not ordinary time earnings. This is so whether the payments are calculated at an hourly rate or the employee gets a specific loading, or an … [Read more...]

MYOB Feature Release 2011

Has anyone sighted the MYOB 2011 feature release. Normally released in the month of September and now we are heading into November something is up. If the beta testing notes are anything to go on we could be in for an interesting ride. If you would like to download the PDF of the Beta testing changes feel free to download it here MYOB Software Release 2011 Beta … [Read more...]

Finding Purchses by Payment Method

I enter my purchases to 5- and assign each purchases with a job number. When I come to paying the bill I pay via my trading account (1-) or a director loan / credit card (2-) and put "Cash" or "Card" as my cheque number. Just wondering if there is anyway I can list out the purchases base on the account that's paid from? In another word I need to find how much I have payed with my credit card on behalf of the company for each job. Run the bank … [Read more...]

Cash withdrawal

Does anyone know how I enter a cash withdrawal given to an employee to make a purchase? This is for a business purchase to be made overseas and balance of purchase given back to me at a later date? [Mon Aug 15 2011 14:03:30 GMT+1000 (EST)] If the reimbursement is to made out of petty cash, simply grab the receipt and do the spend money from the petty cash account, i.e your employee did not exist in the whole transaction. If he/she is … [Read more...]

What We Will Do…..

Hi There, I hope to moderate a friendly discussion on applications that small businesses use on an everyday basis to maintain the financial stewardship of their organisations under their management.  In the coming months I hope to review a range of accounting software that has been designed for the Australian Market.  Some may feel this is just a question of just MYOB v Intuit(Quickbooks) but as we shall see there is an ever-growing … [Read more...]